ASPADA Paribesh Unnayan Foundation is a non-political, not-for-profit; voluntary social development organization working since 1993 aim to help the unprivileged deprived pastoral community to improve their socio-economic status and life quality. During inception period it had been identified as ASPADA (Agro-forestry Seed Production and Development Association) and activities comprises aim to practice agro based research, technological improvisation and agro-forestry promotion throughout the working area. A set of people works with the leadership of Mr. Abdur Rashid get together and set a goal to help the poor denizen surrounded them. Extreme poverty, poor health, lack of education and malnutrition drive them to initiate something for the wellbeing of the society. As a result, these groups of people established a Non-government Organization which is now ASPADA Pribesh Unnayan Foundation.
During its course of 9th journey in 1993 the organization received registration from Department of Social Welfare (DSW) and started operations within the nearby area. As a means of sustainability of local institution they started microfinance in the following area with some trusted hardcore poor without interest aim to way-out to help other peoples. Consequences of the activities introduce microfinance operation without collaterals from 1995 to enhance the savings tradition of target household. In 1997 ASPADA registered as partner organization (PO) to Palli Karmo Sahayak Foundation (PKSF).
     Working area of the organization laid down under severe poverty prone and less literate area of Bangladesh. Even though, Mr. Rashid and his followers try to find out the hardcore poor aim to help but they feel maximum households are belongs to their set criteria. To maintain this situation, they initiate job placement activities with organizational own cost. Under this program organizational representatives rummage around rural poor and suitable participants and bring them into ASPADA’s life skill training center and train them on swing machine operation for readymade garments. In the mean time readymade garments area expand progressively towards Mymensingh districts. Upon successful completion of training, organization bring them with hired bus to different garments factory situated in the Dhaka, Gazipur and Mymensingh etc area as job aspirants. Some of participants successfully manage their job and rests are going back and try to other garments. Note that, ASPADA doing this job very successfully with own cost, not only these, the organization provide regular food and set of new cloths for continuing his/her job.   By this way ASPADA Paribesh Unnayan Foundation comes to dream light and becoming popular throughout the region for his altruistic performance.
     ASPADA has been getting appreciation from the community in that time realize that, It is founded on a set of believes consuming the basic problems of the rural people like illiteracy, poor health, unemployment, empowerment, oppression/civic inertia & environmental hazards. Peoples have their inherent power to salve their own problems; however, lack of opportunity, resources & civic rights. The development philosophy of ASPADA Paribesh Unnayan Foundation is essentially humanist, holistic and participatory approach that aim to empowering people through develop their potential inherent powers ( intellectual, productive, physical & political/organizing) to enable them to take responsibility of their self-reliance and sustainable development. We also found women empowerment is a vital issues towards society developments. Consequences, the organization started to work on gender equity, women empowerment, gender based violence and human rights.
In 2000, ASPADA initiated development work on education aim to enhance basic education with the help of BRAC education support program where we operate 10 non-formal schools in the Bhaluka upazila of Mymensingh district. Later on we continue such work in the remote village with the support of PROSHIKA and BRAC. In 2009 we started another education support program with organizational own fund “scholarship for ultra-poor brilliant” where 157 students received their all educational expenses from organization in every month through bank transfer. Most of the students studied in the quality school, college and university including technical education like engineering, medical and agriculture because they are brilliant.   In the meantime ASPADA has found his destination as microfinance institute (MFI). ASPADA awarded CITI MICRO ENTERPRENURESHIP AWARD-2007 as “Best microfinance organization of the year” (Ref. Daily Prothom-alo, Full page crorpotro Date: Satarday, 19 January, 2008, Page no-13) by Cit Bank N A.
      In 2008, the organization has got registration from NGO affairs bureau and start implementing project with donor fund. Till date, ASPADA implemented a score of projects in their operational area. In its course of journey, the organization incorporated different areas of development like health and primary healthcare, gender equality, gender based violence, women and child rights, nutrition, sanitation, education(non-formal and vocational), value chain and market development, life skill development through capacity building, climate change adaptation and mitigation, agricultural development, good governance, advocacy, awareness building, biodiversity management, entrepreneur development etc. Nowadays we intend to adopt more development projects for the wellbeing of the society. 
Legal Status:
ASPADA is registered with:
* Registered with the Department of Social Services vide no. Ma-0874 dated 10 October,1993
* Registered with the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 (No. S-5755(872)/06) dated on 29 June, 2006.
* Received certificate (# 00178-00261-00199; MRA 0000200; dated 25 March 2008) from Micro-credit Regulatory Authority
* NGO Affairs Bureau of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh vide no. 2394 dated 19 November 2008 (under the Foreign Donations Regulation Ordinance 1978).

Organizational Membership:
ASPADA keeps active co-operation and association with national and international organizations working in the development sector. It also keeps close attachment with the main stream sustainable human development efforts in Bangladesh. ASPADA has partnership and membership with some Forums and Associations. Among them the followings are worth mentioning:

  * Polli Karma Sahayak Foundation-PKSF
  * Credit Development Forum-CDF
  * Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh-ADAB
  * Forum for Regenerative Agriculture Movement (FoRAM)

Major Clients and Donors: 

Government of Bangladesh
* Care Bangladesh
* World Bank
* Bangladesh Agriculture University
* World Vision
* Proshika
* WINROCK International
* Department of Forest (FD)
* MoEF
* DoF
   and other other international and national agencies.

ASPADA Training Academy:
ASPADA having an outstanding and well-furnished training academy at Digharkandha (Bypass Road), Mymensingh Sador, Mymensingh. The training academy used by GO, NGOs and universities for conducting its training, meeting, workshop, seminar, symposium, AGM etc. Facilities of training academy are; training session hall-3, meeting hall-1 and one conference hall with 400 setting arrangement. The training academy is well accommodation for 90 persons. 24 hours staff facilities, enough car parking space, generator service, water supply, indoor games, prayer room, newspaper facilities are available. Whole training academy well furnished by modern air-condition and furniture.  This training academy is operating commercial basis.


ASPADA Help-Line

ASPADA Paribesh Unnayan Foundation

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