Continuously the organization adopted new policies and strategies towards sustainable development and strengthen support to deprived community. We have built rapport with community and able to incorporate more beneficiaries into organizational activities. Result, fund crisis stubbornly increase to mitigate the current demand in terms of microfinance, micro-enterprise and development projects. According to local perception we found social discrimination, lack of good governance, social insecurity, gender based violence and child right seems to be vandalizing for local development. We observed frequent event of child right violation (physical torcher, rape, revenge) over the country year around. Global geo-politics and political instability and global development agenda has been changed which impact on development fund crisis in our country. On the other hand, Bangladesh has to be maintaining GDP growth progressively and able to increase our average national income which also leads to decrease the flow of donor fund. 
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Within ASPADA, new projects were introduced to meet present needs; to strengthen the rural poor in the fight for their civic rights; and, to prepare for the climate change by increasing community resilience and food security. Perhaps responding to global economic crisis and a perception Bangladesh is advancing, several core funders altered their funding strategies and targets which makes our continued programming uncertain. As Bangladesh continues its social and economic transformation against the deteriorating backdrop of climate change, the enlightened facilitating and empowering role of ASPADA especially for disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable group is required more than ever.  In response, ASPADA has been striving to be more effective with limited resources, and to expand networks, donors and partners, extending its work to new regions and launching new programs.
Since 1993 the organization operate microfinance program to increase savings tradition of beneficiaries. Besides, it works as capital for livelihood management. Moreover, it enhances the rural micro-enterprise which we expect nationally. Nowadays, we strengthen our microfinance program with horizontal and vertical direction to reach more people with inclusive finance principle.
In recognition of our works and achievements, ASPADA was honored to receive a number of awards in over the year. These include “Mother Teresa Award” for the “scholarship for ultra-poor brilliant” project. 
ASPADA would like to express its sincere thanks for the cooperation of donors, partners and government in their generous support to our work to address and overcome deep-rooted challenges to empowering the millions of rural poor in our working area. We also relay on our longstanding and committed partnership with the organizations of the disadvantaged, especially federations and the individual program participants to continue to make a positive difference on the ground and in people’s lives.

I wish success of ASPADA in each step. 


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